Twitter "Wall For a Cause" Project

Incredible night celebrating #pride & the unveiling of my #loveislove installation with #wallforacause @twittercurated by @artfullyawear 
📷: @j_silberb .

Using Twitter data visualization maps surrounding  #LoveIsLove as inspiration, Brooklyn-based artist Lizzie Gill invited Twitter NYC employees to submit examples of love in their own lives, in the form of photos, mementoes, and meaningful objects. To solidify the message that love takes many forms, beyond and including traditional definitions of love, Gill created an artistic web, built from photographs, stories, collective data, fabrics and memories in order to represent that all forms of love are valid, and equality exists when we see them as such.

About #WallForACause 
#WallForACause is a rotating art exhibition at Twitter NYC dedicated to social causes brought to life by local artists.